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  • Improtheater Workshops
Basic forms of human encounter

This workshop is about friends, enemies, lovers, mothers, mentors and tricksters. The Play of Archetypes was developed in order to create and detect relationships on the stage quickly, simply and in a playful mode. It is based on the psychology of C.G. Jung and offers an approach to archetypes via body and space. At the end of the workshop participants should be able to establish the most important dramaturgical relationships on stage in an easy way.

  • What is the hero or heroine of a story?
  • How do you become a hero/heroine (and how do you avoid it)?
  • Which characters can support the hero/heroine?
  • What characters can give the hero/heroine a bad time?
  • Where does the hero’s journey lead and what is its basic shape?

The workshop is not an esoteric workshop, but deals with archetypes in a very pragmatic way as a material for the stage and for storytelling. It is based on the book „The Play with Archetypes“ (see „books“)

Duration: 2 days
Workshop teacher(s): Gunter Lösel/ Nicole Erichsen