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  • Improtheater Workshops Emostreaming
Enact emotions, embody emotions, have emotions

Rage, sadness, fear, joy – emotions are basic elements of acting. But how do actors in improvisation generate emotions? Stanislawski won’t help us on the improvisaional stage.

  • Should we act with real feeling?
  • Or is it enough to pretend?
  • Do we need to activate our memory?
  • How can we use our bodies?

In this workshop we will introduce our own simple method for enacting emotions, which is based on the incorporation of ‚emotional streams’, a blend of imagination and movement. We will start with six basic emotions and move on to more complex feelings. The generated emotions are ‚empty’ – they are not determined and filled with menories and situations. They reach out into the land of intuition, which then can be cultivated by the mind.

This is not psychotherapeutical work, but the participants should be prepared to deal with their own emotions as material for acting.

Duration: 2 days
Workshop teacher(s): Gunter Lösel/ Nicole Erichsen